Abandon cart  

more than 68% of online shopping carts are abandoned.

If you’re suffering from lots of traffic and little sales due to abandoned carts, you’re not the only one.

Automated abandoned cart push notifications can help you increase sales and re-engage visitors to your site who have left.


Product Reviews

A Product Reviews app allows you to add customer reviews to your products.

This provides a way for your customers to give you their feedback, and encourage other customers to purchase from your store.


Free Shipping Bar

34% of consumers only make online purchases if free shipping is included.

Free Shipping Bar allows you to display your free shipping offer in a slide-out bar, show progressive messages to encourage shoppers to reach your free shipping threshold, and congratulate customers when they meet it.


Bold Upsell ‑ Upsell Smarter

Upselling and cross-selling to your customers is a great way to increase cart size and average order value.

Bold Upsell ‑ Upsell Smarte, you can set up automated product recommendations based on relations between different SKUs, which you’re free to customize as needed.

This adds a more personalised and tailored experience for your users.


Sales Notification

A sales notification app is a great way to increase sales with the traffic already coming to your site.

It uses social proof to show users which products others have bought.

This helps to build trust with your brand to encourage sales by showing potential customers what past customers have purchased.


Trust Badges 

Looking for more ways to build trust with visitors to your Shopify store? Trust Badges apps can help you do just that.

The app will create and display payment badges on your product pages, so that users feel more assured that their information and transactions are protected.


Countdown Timer 

You can optimise your online store by creating a sense of urgency with a countdown timer.

If you ever used one and suddenly stopped, you might’ve even noticed a dip in sales.

Countdown timers help convince the buyer that right now is the time to buy.

It works extremely well with impulse buy products to help you convert the customer.

You can choose your start and end dates.

Scarcity tactics can also be used with these timers with phrases like ‘only a few products left.’


Loyalty app

It’s important to show your customers you appreciate them.

These apps allows you to reward your customers by giving them points.

They can use their points to redeem special offers such as discounts, free products or free shipping.

It’s much more affordable to remarket to someone who’s already familiar with your brand than to find new customers which makes this app even more appealing.

You can even surprise your customers with special offers on their birthday which helps make their special day more memorable putting your brand at top of mind.


Email Marketing  

Most people spend so much time trying to get a customer that when they finally land the sale they forget to continue marketing to them.

An Email marketing app allows you to send an email to a customer after they’ve placed an order on your store.

Since a customer has just purchased with you, they’ll be much more likely to open an email from you – they might even expect it.

You can introduce yourself as the founder of the company and build a personal connection with your customer.

They even delay the sending of the email so that the customer doesn’t assume it’s automated.



Pop-ups can be an extremely effective way to build up your email list.

You can offer a special discount in exchange for new followers or subscribers.

This is great for store owners looking to grow their followings for social clout.

The discount incentive helps encourage a purchase which helps convert customers who were only on your site to browse.

You can even lower your abandoned carts with their exit pop-ups.

You’ll want to check your mobile site when you’ve installed the app to ensure that it works well on your website as you don’t want to lower mobile conversions.