Find Your Hungry Audience 

First, you need to find an audience that is passionate and WANTS to buy.

You want the people who are more than willing to pay for products.

How do you find these people? It’s all about the TRENDS.

Trends let you see what’s hot. What’s making waves, generating conversation, getting the social media buzz.


Pick Something That’s Visually Powerful

Certain products pack a serious VISUAL punch.

Why do adverts show products operating in the most extreme conditions, like steak knives cutting through granite?

Because they know that VISUAL SELLS.

There’s data to back this up.

Articles that contain images get 94% more views than articles without.

40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text.

93% of people say that visual imagery is the #1 factor impacting purchasing decision.


There No Easy Alternatives 

If you can go on Amazon, easily and cheaply purchase a product, and have it delivered in two days, that’s not a winning product to sell on Shopify.


Look For Products With At Least 100% Profit Margin

Whatever you do, stay away from products with a low-profit margin.

You have to sell a huge volume to make a serious profit.

At a MINIMUM you should look for products with at least a 100% profit margin.