2 new Winning products get uploaded everyday! So how do you know what the best of the best products are? Here are the top 5 Winning Products of March.

1. Winning Wireless Earbuds


Wireless earbuds are currently a big trend, due to there discreet and snug fit. These Winning Wireless Earbuds come with a profit of at least £12/$16. These are high tech and highly wanted products, so depending on if you are a high or low end brand you can take your profit as high and low as you would like.

2. Automatic Clamping Wireless Charger Mount


This Charger Mount will bring hassle-free charging to your customers. The video ad for this Automatic Clamping Wireless Charger Mount got 25 million views, giving it a 4 star engagement score. This winning product brings profits of £12/$15.

3. Bathtub Wine Holder


This 4 star winning product allows your customers to wind and wine down, which is perfect for mums, dads and those with busy professions. You can be making £8/$8 profit while delivering a service that is perfect for a large audience.

4. Mens Transparent Shorts


These novelty shorts have a 5 star engagement score! The profits on these shorts are $22/£17, it is the perfect time to add these to your store as summer is approaching and those who want to show more will admire these shorts for the beach days.

5. Moon And Star Ring


Provide the perfect accentuation of glam to your Customers hand, while making profits of £12/$15. These rings are beautiful and will capture the eyes of many jewellery wearers… especially when glittering in the summer sun.

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