The most influential entrepreneurs spend a significant amount of time in their heads thinking and visioning.

They are naturally innovative and crave being in the constant process of discovery.

They credit their imagination as their most powerful asset.

They have always dared to dream, and to turn those dreams into a reality.


Early Risers

Effective entrepreneurs rise early believing in the concept of, the early bird gets the worm.

They start each day with some form of physical activity.

It’s the method they use to wake themselves up, get their blood pumping and their mind sharp.

They prefer to getting into the office before others to work without interruption on the goals they set for themselves the night before.



Successful entrepreneurs increase their efficiency by putting work first and socializing second.



Successful entrepreneurs never undervalue the importance of sleep.

They desire to be sharp, emotionally available, and on-the-ball in all areas of their career.



One of the easiest ways to increase effectiveness is to make it habit to write in a journal.

Successful entrepreneurs put pen-to-paper and write down all that is important to them.

They write lists, goals, or write for the purpose of venting their frustrations.



Boredom is the killer of effectiveness, which is why the most successful entrepreneurs are never bored.

They happily spend endless hours working and doing what they love to do.

They make it a habit to be open and curious about everything.

This curiosity keeps them asking questions and generating ideas for what they’re next steps are going to be.