Phones use up a lot of our time as they are conveniently easy to access and always with us while being a form of entertainment. However why not divert the time usually used to check social media to using the phone to you entrepreneurial potential with these apps.

E Books

Carrying a book around can take up a lot of space and can seem like a lot of effort to find the perfect spot to read. E books can be used directly from your phone. Audible E books are a perfect replacement for music, you can listen while driving, walking and pretty much anywhere. This is much more healthier for your business mindset than listening to music.


Do you ever think of a good business plan to do and then forget to do it by them time you have free time? Notes are perfect for jotting down so you don’t forget. You can also use notes as a checklist for when you have millions of tasks to do.

Quote Generator

Quotes are the perfect way to motivate you through out the day. Many free quote apps offer a notification to send you quotes through out the day. You can select how many you get sent a day, so you can open up your phone to get a random gift of inspiration.

Design apps

We recommend Canva as a platform to do design work for social media. If you have free time why not design a campaign instead of taking a selfie or playing a game? Canva offers a free services. In which you can use to upload more content to your business social media accounts.


Being an entrepreneur can take many tasks in which you also need to be organised and professionally on time. Using a calendar what you will always conveniently have on you, you can upload your newest meetings while checking what else you have on today.

Self Growth Apps

Instead of updating you status why not update your virtual diary. Many self help apps offer free service of advice on how to deal with anxiety, pressure and activities on how to keep your mindset healthy.

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