Low Start Up Cost

According to reports, 82% of businesses fail due to cashflow issues.

Another major challenge entrepreneurs face is startup funding, but with drop shipping, this barrier is either removed or greatly lowered


Zero Need For Stock

One of the major investments in running a retail business is buying stock and keeping inventory.

With drop shipping all you need is the product image on your website.


Work From Anywhere

A drop shipper can operate from California, ship from suppliers in China and deliver to customers in Nigeria.


Ability To Automate

Automation makes drop shipping even easier than you can imagine.

Usually, product importation into your Shopify store, for instance, can be a real hassle if done manually.

Dropship spy can help you completely automate your entire drop shipping business so you can focus on the marketing.


Be Your Own Boss

Being the boss of your business means you’re totally responsible for outcomes, which will require your best input.

Similarly, all the risks and rewards are yours to bear. It is both exciting and daunting to be a sole entrepreneur, but the benefits of running a successful drop shipping ecommerce business outweigh any drawbacks.


Plenty Of OptionsĀ 

From platform to suppliers to products; all essential aspects of dropshipping- there are plenty of options to choose from, thousands in some cases.

There are also so many niches to pick from.

This means you have room to reasonably experiment with options new to you, as long as they’re viable and have potential based on your research findings.