Every brand desires to be loved by customers, because they know that brand love translates to growth and increased revenue.

Here are 6 tips to help you achieve that.


Understand Who You Are

When Building a brand it’s important that the company understands the value it brings to the customer.

Brands need to ask why they are relevant to their target audience.

It’s more than just talking about features and benefits.

It’s about allowing the customer to become emotionally attached so the brand becomes part of their lifestyle.


Define Your Target Audience

Really think about what your product or service offers and who benefits the most from it.

Rather than think every customer should love your brand.

Ask who will get the most value from your product.

That’s who your target audience is.

Focus on your target audience with all your energy, support and marketing.


Engage With Your Customers

Today, customers are smart, informed, opinionated and willing to share their thoughts with the world.

It’s so important that brands embrace the power today’s customers has by being open and honest in everything they do.

When something goes wrong be direct about what happened.

This transparency will build trust and a connection to the brand from target customers.


Be disciplined and focusedĀ 

When you are growing a brand you must be smart about every decision.

Wrong decisions can not only derail plans but also distract you from your overall objectives.

Be sure to clearly define what you are trying to accomplish.

What it will take to get there and what resources will be dedicated to ensure it happens.

When time, budget and energy are limited, you can’t afford to be undisciplined.


Stand For Something Beyond ProfitsĀ 

Most brands believe in a greater good.

They are driven by things that go beyond being profitable.

It could be the community, underserved markets or countries, or humankind in a broader sense.

This noble gesture typically receives greater trust from consumers.


Create A Reason

Love for a brand typically grows from a small group of extremely passionate customers who truly believe in its mission, the quality of its product(s) and the way the brand communicates.

It is so important for any company desiring to be perceived as a brand to create a “reason to believe”.

A passion point that customers can rally around.