Facebook Adverts

Facebook Ads are one of the best ways to drive traffic to your drop shipping store.

It isn’t easy and it requires a lot of experimentation.

However, once you find your winning ad, things get a lot easier.

You’ll need to test several things when creating an ad.

You’ll need to test various products, copy and images to find one that converts well on Facebook.

Making sure you have a vibrant or attention-grabbing, high res picture that stands out against Facebook’s platform is essential.

The purpose of the image in the ad is to appeal to someone to make an emotional impulse buy.


Write A Blog

It may take a few months of consistent effort to see results but creating blog content can organically drive traffic to your online store.

It can take at least 4-6 months for articles to start ranking in the search engines.

This is especially useful if you’re on a tight budget.

However, blogging requires patience and commitment for a long time to drive traffic to your dropshipping store.


Include A Call To Action (cta) On All Your Posts 

Every post on social media should direct people to a blog or product page.

Even if you’re posting a picture that has nothing to do with your products, you should add a reminder to check out your website.

You never know what type of post will go viral.

Sometimes, you try really hard to create a viral post and it gets no engagement.

Other times, you don’t try at all and your account explodes.

Always direct people to your website to drive traffic traffic to your ecommerce store.


Write A Guest Post

Writing guests posts on niche blogs can help drive traffic to your ecommerce store

Focus on providing content people love, it will be more likely to get shares and click throughs to your website.


Master Email Marketing

Email marketing can easily drive traffic to your online store.

If you’ve had a few customers but haven’t actually tried building a list, you can contact former customers who ticked off that they’re interested in marketing.

You’ll need to contact your customers regularly, such as once a week. You might share blog posts, new product additions and special sales via email. This will help drive traffic back to your ecommerce store.



Customer reviews have two purposes: help convert buyer and improve your search ranking.

The reason why product reviews are great for driving traffic is because Google will keep crawling your product page to see if there’s new content.

Most don’t regularly update product pages.

Yet, with product reviews customers are adding content to your page for you keeping it fresh.

Thus, the more reviews your product gets, the more content on your page.

Also, it shows that your page is still active. It’s a long-term SEO play but worthwhile in the end.