we know finding products can be hard work so we have put together 7 upcoming product trends for dropshipping for you try out.


Bluetooth Technology

Speakers, headphones, earphones, chargers, trackers, smart home devices, sports and health wearables are the Bluetooth gadgets that are expected to change the face of wireless technology really soon.



Magnet Devices And Gadgets

Much like any other technology, magnetic devices are evolving rapidly, and it certainly attracts the audience’s attention.




Workers, students, parents – millions of people around the globe suffer from a low sleep quality.

Surely, not all of them can afford branded memory foam and gel pillows.

But does it mean they don’t deserve a proper sleep care?

The so-called ‘sleep optimisation’ will be more important than ever in 2019.



Day Planners 

The habit of planning and taking notes is thought to be one of the 3 most important skills to perfect in 2019.



Large Bags/ Backpacks 

The demand for a healthy lifestyle and fitness-related products is growing rapidly.

The reason for it is quite simple: the amount of middle class buyers is increasing steadily across the globe.

It means that more and more people can afford costly yet beneficial hobbies like gym training, hiking, and other sports & outdoors activities.

Naturally, these hobbies require some high-quality gear – and durable, practical, good-looking sports/travel bags definitely are the essentials.




Floral Print Clothing

Floral prints and striped fabrics are once again thriving on runways.

What’s more, the trend of prints mixing is said to be huge in 2019.

So, if you’re dropshipping clothes and accessories in your store, opt for bold colours and contrasting patterns!



Silk Accessories 

The last year trend of sparkling jewellery and glittering accessories continues to thrive this season.

Now, everyone is crazy for shimmery fabrics, and fashionistas are hunting for lovely metallic textures of silk and satin.