Share Discounts

Create urgency by offering limited time coupons.

Tell customers that the coupon expires tomorrow and send a follow-up email the next day reminding them that the offer expires today.

End each transactional email with a clear call-to-action.

However, don’t over-promote, and balance sales with brand introduction: set your tone, showcase your values, and product quality.


Use Cart Abandonment Emails

Almost 70% of your customers leave your site after adding a product to their cart.

Test a friendly reminder that the product is running low and include your store reviews or some other relevant information.

Don’t be afraid to test out more aggressive promotions with multiple emails offering limited time coupons, just like in the welcome emails.


Cross-Sell Items

Order or shipping confirmation letters shouldn’t include only the already purchased product.

Transactional emails that include other products have a 20% higher transaction rate than those without other products.

The percentages are even higher if the cross-sell products are related to the one just bought.

Use this to your benefit.

Feature your bestsellers or top deals.


Ask for Feedback & Review

Reviews can produce on average an 18% uplift in sales.

When reaching out to customers who bought a particular item, ask them for a review.

Ask for reviews in your shipping confirmation email and in customer follow-up emails.


Link them to your Social Networks

Include links to your social network accounts.

This is a great way to get extra time with your customers and engage with them where they spend the most of their online time.


Follow-Up with Your Customers

A repeat customer is 9x times more likely to convert than a first time visitor.

But don’t be pushy with your repeat customers.

Show your appreciation to the customer.

Send a thank you email immediately after the purchase or schedule one according to your customer’s’ buying cycle.


Reactivate Your Customers

Reach out to customers who haven’t made a purchase within the last couple of months.

Ask how they are doing and if they have enjoyed your product.

Add an extra incentive to buy.