Set Realistic Expectations

Setting realistic expectations is so important.

Suppose you have a customer who orders something and then has to wait a few weeks for it to show up without knowing.

They will probably become increasingly more annoyed every day that their package doesn’t arrive.

But if you can have transparent shipping information on your website. and send emails to customers telling them that their order was received; that their order was processed; and that their item has shipped.

You will have much happier customers.


Create A Loyalty Program

A customer loyalty program is a great way to increase customer retention.

These programs reward your customers by giving them incentives to come back and shop with you.

Once your customers opt into your loyalty program, make them feel special by hooking them up with offers: Give them a sneak peek at new products, and offer exclusive deals.


Pay Attention To Questions 

Paying attention to questions about your store is a great way to keep your customers.

For example, if someone asks a question that you thought was obvious, that’s your clue that maybe it isn’t actually so obvious.


Pay Attention To Complaints 

The reality is: customer retention depends on customer satisfaction.

If your customers are unhappy with the service that you provide, why would they come back for a second visit?

Use insights from customer complaints to make the next customer’s experience better.


Be Active On Social Media

If your consumers forget about you, you can’t retain them.

And there are few better ways to stay top of mind than engaging with customers on social media.


Target On Social Media

Social media can help by letting you target past buyers.

You can create target audiences based on pages that customers visited – like, say, a “Thank you” page after making a purchase.


Use Email

Each email you send can aid customer retention — even when you’re sending emails that aren’t really about retaining customers.


Be Honest

Be honest.

It’s as simple as that.

Whether that be through faulty products, confusing returns policies, unknown charges, or something else, people are quick to lose trust nowadays.

So make sure that you provide your customers with an honest experience when they’re shopping from you.