Winning Products

Winning Products are at the core of what we do and is what Dropship Spy has specialized in since day 1!

Using our own engagement calculator, and other key indicators, we are able to determine what makes a winning product.

Armed with this information we release two of these products per day to our members.

All winning products come with tons of useful information. Including, proof of success with a highly engaged advert, product titles, descriptions, multiple suppliers, sales figures and reviews.

“Hucksta Connect”, our new app, allows you to effortlessly connect your Shopify stores to Dropship Spy.

Then easily push an unlimited amount of products to any of your connected stores.

~ Choice of suppliers

~ Import all variants and options

~ View and edit all your imports

~ Automatically mark up the price



Promising Products

Promising Products are designed to keep you ahead of the game.

These products aren’t winning yet but show signs of increasing popularity and are waiting to go boom!

Increasing sales figures and their potential to go viral are key here and are what we look for before adding them to the list.



Shopify Integration

You can connect as many Shopify stores as you like to our platform.

You can easily switch between them and add more products.

You can also use our chrome extension to automate ordering products from aliexpress.

We’ll never charge you extra no matter how many stores, products or orders you have.

~ Connect and Manage Unlimited Stores

~ Import Unlimited Aliexpress and Winning Products

~ Connect Existing Products

~ Manage Unlimited Orders



Here’s a step by step guide on how to connect your shopify store, import your products and manage orders



Facebook Audience Builder

It’s all very well and good giving you the hottest products on the market right now, but what is the point if you don’t know who to sell them to?

Our Facebook audience builder contains extensive targeting suggestions for every niche we can possible think of.



Instagram Approved Influencers

Instagram Influencers are a revolutionary new way of advertising and we want our members to take advantage.

We have compiled a list of Instagram influencers from every different niche there is.

If an influencer is reputable and has a high engagement score, we’ll add them to our database.

We’ll also talk with our influencers about pricing and pass that information onto our members.

With the influencers we provide, you can literally target thousands of people interested in your niche at one time.

Following these steps to drive sales through influencer marketing.

~ Contact any approved influencer

~ Agree a price for a post, story or both

~ Exchange information and wait for your sales to role in



Instagram Influencer Search

Dropship Spy’s influencer search allows you to quickly identify whether an influencer is right for you.

Simply enter the username and away you go.

View any influencer’s key metrics to determine if their prices and services are right for you.

When it comes to Instagram Influencers, making the right choice and being sure you get the results you’re looking for is paramount.

It’s always a good move to double check the performance of the influencer you’ve chosen.

~ Saves Times

~ Saves Money

~ Saves Effort



Reviews Downloader

Many Dropshippers underestimate the importance of having reviews on their stores.

Dropship Spy has now made it possible for you to download product reviews from Amazon and upload them straight to your store.

This gives you another heavy advantage in drop shipping.

Our reviews downloader will create a .csv file for you to upload to your store for any product.

Currently you can download reviews from Amazon and you can expect more sites to be added soon.

Follow these steps to get your reviews!

~ Copy the URL to the product into the reviews downloader.

~ Click go and after a few seconds your download will start.

~ Edit the “Name” to match your product slug (url product identifier).

~ Upload the file to the Shopify reviews app.

All our winning and promising products come with reviews from Amazon and Aliexpress.

Just click the links on the product pages to download.




With Dropship Spy you now have personalised requests.

This allows us to provide you with the information that is specific to you.

Making your requests is easy.

Just fill in the form and we’ll fulfil it for you.

All requests are generally fulfilled in 24 hours.

On occasions it can take upto 72 hours.

You can make requests for any of the following.

~ Promising Products In Your Niche

~ Instagram Influencers For Your Product

~ Build You A Facebook Audience




Product Spy

New for March 2019, you can now research any product on Aliexpress.

You’ll get sales figures for the previous 7 days and you will quickly be able to find out if a product is HOT or NOT!

Finding your own HOT products has never been easier.

Once you’ve found them you can send it straight to your store with one click.