Manage Your Time

Decide on the hours when you are most productive and create your schedule around them.

It doesn’t matter if you are most productive at midday or at 1am in the morning, as long as you spend your time working on tasks which actually matter to your business then you’ll be make progress.


Manage Your Finances

Managing the financial side of your ecommerce business is a vital part of being your own boss.

You’ll need to assess your financial situation before you start your ecommerce business and monitor your accounts regularly.

One great tip for properly managing your budget is opening a business account so that your finances are kept separate.


Self Motivation

A great way to keep yourself motivated is to set goals which you want to be working towards all the time, whether that be launching your store or making your first sale.

It’s important to be reasonable with your work deadlines.

Every entrepreneur wants to make $1000 in their first month, but sometimes it takes a little bit longer.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Remember Why You Want This

Possibly the most important part of being a successful ecommerce business owner is remembering why you want to start an ecommerce business in the first place.

Whether you’re tired of working for somebody else, or you’re looking to earn some extra money to take your family on a vacation, there is a reason which will drive you to accomplish your goals.

Once you’ve started your business, you’re well on the way to making this reason become a reality.


Organise Your Work

I cannot stress how much of a difference this will make in organising your work.

Waking up and noting down the things that you want to accomplish before you start working will do wonders for your productivity.

You’ll have the full day ahead of you and a realistic idea of how much you want to accomplish.