Did you know that $1.6 trillion is lost by companies in the United States, due to poor customer service alone? Here is a guide on how to do customer service effectively:

The customer is always correct:


When speaking to a user or potential consumer remember that they are always right, even if it compromises your sanity.¬†Always educate them on the problem in a polite manor that doesn’t undermine their concern. If there is an issue that needs fixing, be sure to reassure them that it will be fixed asap and alert when it is all clear. They are your number one priority, so be sure to deliver the service they have paid for.

Honesty and clear:


With recent world wide problems due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, you may be experiencing slow shipping. It is important to be clear when there is a problem with the order. As well as being honest about what the cause is, rather then leaving questions unanswered. A customer is 99% understanding if there is a defect in the product they have ordered, as long as they are not kept in the dark.

Reply fast:


Don’t ever leave a consumer waiting for a long period of time. You an use a chat bot to give you extra time for a reply. This way your reply times are much shorter and you can programme the bot to ask basic questions so you can come back to the chat with half of the conversation finished. However users find talking to a human easier, so do be sure to deal with the real problem yourself.

Customer Edition Did You Know?


  1. More than half of Americans have scrapped a planned purchase or transaction because of bad service.
  2. Feeling unappreciated is the #1 reason users switch away from products and services.
  3. The average wait time on social media is nine hours.

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