In recent years there has been an increase in ecommerce stores- making the market competitive. Getting a customer to convert from someone who is aware of your brand to purchasing can be tricky. However, we have gathered our easiest methods.

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Identifying Your Brand

Knowing your brand allows you to use the following strategies without wasting time on who you are marketing too.

Customer Profile

To identify your brand we recommend:

  • To understand what you are selling- A product? Service?
  • Your values- What is your brands personality?
  • Your audience- Who is your perfect customer? What are their demographics?

With knowing these you eliminate the threat of advertising to the wrong audience which can harm your budget and waste time.

Convert With Customer Journey

The customer journey maps the route the customer takes when they first encounter your brand.


Awareness: at this stage the customer is aware of your brand or aware that they need something that your brand offers. How tos, blogs and listicles are important at this stage.

Consideration: the second stage is important as you need to get the customer to purchase from your brand. The best content for this stage is reviews and case studies.

Purchase: once the customer has purchased you are un the 3rd out of 6th stage. Reviews and coupons are great to help the purchase along.

Retention: this is about keep the customer loyal to your brand. It is cheaper to retain a customer than recruit new. Sending tips on how to use product or service is a great way to welcome them to the brand.

Advocacy: as another form of marketing you can encourage (with your great product or service) to tell their friends about your brand.

Convert With Social Media Marketing

Marketing is important to your store! You can raise awareness- convert and retain customer using it!

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is where a person with a presence on social media recommends a product or service to their following.

Influencers are growing everyday and is slowly becoming a popular way of marketing. Marketing with influencers benefits a business by:

  • Boosting seo
  • Being cost effective
  • Potentially high roi
  • Instant niche target
  • Audience trusts influencers opinion
  • Increases reach and brand awareness

You can select the correct influencer by knowing their engagement score, prices and audience. We supply 800+ influencers across different niches with 3+ star engagement.

Organic Social Media Marketing

Organic marketing is where you slowly build a following on social media without paying for ads.

Customers prefer buying from people rather than a business and organic social media marketing gives your brand a voice and even a face. By posting content on social media you can organically start building a base of followers or page likes which you can show new products or behind the scenes, although this may take time it is a free option.

Convert With Reviews

Reviews form a sense of trust which is what the potential customer is looking for.

Reviews allow your brand to look trust worthy with 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase. We supply product reviews for each winning and promising products along with AliExpress products.

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