You have your products and store set up, but how do you get your brand out there? Here we have a guide on how to advertise, making paid promotion a walk in the park.

Advertise on Facebook


  1. When using either a Winning or Promising product there is a pre-built Facebook Audience builder ready for you to copy and paste. The audience builder is tailored to that specific product!
  2. If you are promoting a product that is not one of ours, you can still use the audience builder. You can achieve this by using the builder in your products niche.

Advertise on Instagram


  1. Every product has designated influences that are rated out of 5 stars due to there engagement.
  2. If you have found your own influencer you can check the engagement score through our calculator, what is specially formulated to work out their score.

Advertising A product-


When advertising a product, whether it is a Winning or Promising product, they each come with a video advert and 2x Facebook advert template. You can use the video as apart of your advertising campaign on any social media!

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