Source trending Products

Drop shipping products which are currently trending are great options for your business’ inventory.

If you manage to source trending drop shipping products for your store before they hit the commercial masses, you’ll be able to take advantage of low marketing fees and establish your brand as a leader in that field.

Take a look at Google Trends to find drop shipping  products that are currently trending or likely to become popular in the future.


Finding a Niche

Targeting a specific drop shipping niche can be a great way to help your store grow and generate revenue.

Take a look on Google Trends and do some research into the niches which have high potential.

You’ll have less competition if you’re running a niche drop shipping store as you’ll be targeting a smaller audience.

This means that your marketing efforts will be much cheaper, especially if you’re thinking of using Google Adwords or Facebook.


Sell Markup Opportunities

Try to find drop shipping products you can sell for at least $10 more than the price which you sourced them for.

For example, if you’re sourcing a dress for $5, then try to sell it in your store for $15.

In this case your sale will cover the price it cost you to source the product, the cost of your marketing efforts, and will still leave you with a nice profit margin at the end of the transaction.


Selecting a Supplier

Build strong relationships with suppliers who can provide you with high-quality products at an affordable price point.

Suppliers who have a high feedback score and have been operating for a lengthy amount of time are legitimate suppliers who will provide a good service.


Use e-packet for delivery

You’ll need to be prepared to deal with longer delivery times when your drop shipping.

Your products may be shipped from suppliers in China, which means that the delivery times can be slightly longer than usual.

You can solve this issue by sourcing products which have the ePacket delivery option.

This delivery method allows for faster delivery of lightweight products from Chinese suppliers.