With being able to purchase fake follower and fake likes, what influencer is genuine? We have a solution, to make sure you get the best out of paid promotion.

Our Database


With nearly 400 Influencers on our database, you will never be short for choice. They have been split into different niches, so you can choose what is the most suited for your store.

Engagement Score:

Each Infleuncer has been put through a calculator to work out their engagement score, that is rated out of 5 stars. So you can be sure they are trustworthy.


The Influencers prices will be listed, with their recent posts and most used hashtags. You can then see if their feed is the best for your product.

Contacting The Influencers:

The Influencers are aware of the process, and are waiting for you to contact them through their Instagram direct messages.

Your Own Influencer



If you have found your own Influencer, you an still check their engagement score. You can do this by simply putting their username in the calculator. The engagement calculator is formulated to work out if they get a good reaction from their audience.

Can’t Find An Influencer On Our Database?


Make A Request:

If you’re struggling to find a influencer you can request one, and we will find you an Influencer within 72 Hours. You can also request a Facebook audience and Winning/ Promising product!

All of this is only available at Dropship-Spy