Learn to make money online from just the sun alone and create a passive side hustle. The sun making more appearances creates more market space for summery products.

Why The Sunglass Market?

Whether for safety or fashion sunglasses become an essential during the summer season which broadens the market further.

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Google Trends Displays that worldwide every June/July since 2004, sunglasses has trended. The options are endless when starting a business around sunglasses however the best route is selling sunglasses and accessories.

How To Make Money Online With Sunglasses

Using the Drop Shipping module you can create a store! We recommend reading our blog The 3 Step Formula To Generating A Passive Income to learn how to build your store.

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Using a market place such as Shopify allows you to create a website with 0 experience cutting out time and money. You also have control over your personalization on the website so you can put your brand colours in.

Finding Your Winning Products

A winner is a product that has shown to have been a hit on social media and have a great engagement score which is formulated by us!

Depending on whether you are selling glasses for health or for fashion here are our favourite winners!


Our promising products are products that are looking like they will become a winner soon our favourite are:


With loads more styles to choose from you can find your jackpot product whether you are selling to a male, female high or low end audience!

You can also add tools such as cleaning devices to give more value to you customer!


Pricing your products:

However the price you retail your glasses for should be dependant on where on the scale of high to low end you want your business to land.

Make money online pricing

Calculating the price of the product, the shipping and any possible extras will come to how much in total it will cost to get the goods to the customer. Then you can work out how much you will retail it for. If you will offer extras the best tactic to do so is add it on to the retail price regardless and advertise it as a freebie.

Make money online pricing

Advertising Your Product

Getting your store, brand and products out their can be done in different ways, however social media is the most common strategy.

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Organic Social Media– using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you can build a following for free. Although this is cost effective it does take time.

Facebook Audiences- Facebook audiences provide keywords to target an audience that will potentially be interested in your products. Depending on whether you get a premade audience or make one yourself it doesn’t take long, but depending on your budget it can be pricey.

Instagram Influencers– Getting influencers to showcase your product to their audience saves time on finding your audience and creating content. Influencers also vary in price.

“Someday is not a day of the week.”

-Denise Brennan-Nelson

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