The Christmas period is the perfect time to start selling! Christmas generates around $465 billion yearly due to consumers spending hundreds each on gifts, decorations and food. Why not take a slice of the pie today!

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is the perfect formula to over turning profit. It requires 4 basic steps and requires little to no effort to maintain. Once set up you can use your time for doing the things you love. These four steps are:

  • Setting up a Shopify store
  • Find the perfect product
  • Marketing the product
  • Collecting the profit

Setting up a store:

You can set up your store with Shopify. They offer a free 14 day trial, so you have time to get your store going and generating sales. You can also use their themes to save time with setting up you store.

Find the perfect Christmas product:

In time for Christmas it is important remember that your product needs to either be Christmas related or a Christmas present. As well as being in demand, has good suppliers and profitable.All though this sounds like a lot of research we have already done the hard work for you! You can find nearly 5000 products on Dropship Spy for only $14 using code CHRISTMAS30 for 30% off.

Marketing your product:


This can be daunting to a new drop shipper, however social media is a cost effective, tine saving way of getting your product- store or brand out there! checkout our Instagram @dropship.spy for endless tips.

Start your drop shipping journey with us today at Dropship Spy, just in time for Christmas!