The typical shopping cart abandonment rate for dropshipping businesses is an average of 67.91%. Here Is how to reduce your shopping cart abandonment.


Offer A Secure Checkout

When a customer lands on your checkout page the url should start with https:// the addition of the s showcases that the page is secure.

If a customer is going through the checkout process and notices that the page isn’t secure, they may abandon their cart in order to protect their financial information.


Include Product Pictures At Checkout

If a customer sees the picture of a product they’re about to impulse buy but having doubts the picture will help remind them why they want the product.


Show Saving At Checkout

If you have a special promotion going on it’s a great idea to let the customer know how much they’re saving — this will ease them into making a purchase.


Offer Free Shipping

Shipping costs tend to be one of the biggest causes of cart abandonment.

If your business can afford to offer free shipping, offer it to your customers to help lower cart abandonment.

Use Popular Payment Gateways

Customers are more likely to pay for products using payment gateways they trust.

When a customer recognises the payment processor it builds brand trust.


Don’t Force Customers To Create An Account

Allow customers the option to checkout as a guest to help decrease abandoned carts.

Customers can feel overwhelmed by long checkout processes, so keep things simple.


Offer Coupon Codes 

Offering a coupon code can help reduce cart abandonment.

You can place the coupon code on your website, social media pages, and on coupon sites.

Customers who are budget-conscious are less likely to abandon cart if they receive a discount for their purchase.


Optimise Your Store For Conversion

By focusing on simplifying the checkout process, pricing products effectively, and other store optimisation practices, you work towards lowering your cart abandonment rate.


Add Social Proof

By having social proof notifications on your store, including product reviews on your product page, and showing icons that indicate how many people have bought that specific product, you can reduce shopping cart abandonment.