Shopify Connect is an app that allows you to push your products straight to your Shopify account.

shopify connect

Where Can I View?

You can view the features on the App Store and manage the app on the Dashboard.

shopify connect

How Do I Use Shopify Connect?

Easy, you enter your domain

shopify connect

Accept by pressing ‘install unlisted app’

shopify connect

Once Shopify connect is set up it will appear on your Dashboard your connected Shopify stores will appear.

shopify connect

This allows you too be able to push your product, either Social Proof or Promising to your store.

This is done by selecting your product and adding it to your import list.

You can then find that product in your import list, select the product, and confirm/ fill out the following:

1.Title and description

2. Select supplier

3. Name the variants- this is where you add your personal title to the products and change their price.