One of the best feelings in the world is when you finally see the fiery orange leaves glowing on the ground, crinkling underfoot with each step you take. Autumn is just around the corner and it can be important to use this change in season as an opportunity to develop and grow your store, whilst staying in touch with current trends. Here are a handful of winning products from our reliable suppliers that will help you use the changing season change to grow your sales. 

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Something about it turning September 1st makes you feel as if the Season is drastically changing. Even though in reality it’s the same as the day before. Everyone gets ready for a new cosy wardrobe for the cold weather and for that reason socks are essential. However, sales will be sure to grow around September time because open footwear isn’t being worn as much or at all.

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Gotcha Socks              Snack socks              Chicken Leg Socks         Animal Paw Socks

$1.56/£1.31                $1.98/£1.66                 $2.99/£2.35                    $3.24/£2.55

Gloves/hand warmers 

Gloves are just as important as socks; they bring warmth to the things we use most. It’s frustrating trying to do everyday simple tasks when our hands feel minutes away from being devoured by frostbite. Use these winners to ensure your customers can use their fingers for your checkout button all winter long!

season gloves                             season

Ultimate Thermal Gloves        Unicorn 3 in 1                          USB Toast Hand Warmers

$3.79/£2.94                                     $9.98/£8.03                          $7.03/£5.46


Lighting adds warmth to any room and sets the Autumn scene beautifully. As the nights get darker, many buy new yellow toned lights for ambient decor.

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Flame Effects Lamp             Sar Curtain Lights             LED Cork Bottle Cork Lights

$6.29/£4.88                           $13.70/£10.90                          $1.17/£2.02


Cushions and Blankets project the autumn warmness from the inside onto the outside. With these products your customers will be loving their cosy beds, waiting for them to get home from a day in the cold.

trends                           season

Quilt With Sleeves                    Star Fleece Blanket                    3D Dog Pillow
$29.90/£23.83                          $15.62/£12.13                          $9.46/£7.28
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Boyfriend Pillow                Baby Burrito Wrap         Mermaid Tail Blanket
$12.45/£10.30                        $9.59/£8.08                 $18.04/£14.37


Hats are a great fashion item, but furthermore ideal for comfort. They trend every year, without a doubt, In the autumn and winter seasons. Due to keeping your head warm, as well as accessorise your customers outfits, as a result of selling the right hats, you will be guaranteed to make sales!

season    Season hats

Bad Hair Day Hat   LED 3 in 1 Hat    Ponytail Beanie Hats    Umbrella Hat
$4.99/£3.93           $19.22/£14.92        $3.19/£2.47                 $2.16/£1.70

All of these new Winning Products will keep your business up-to-date with current and seasonal trends, whilst giving your customers that warm “Pumpkin Spice Latte after a long day at work” feeling. Each of these products are on our winning product list along with a description, product photo and how much profit you can make off of them. You can directly import all of this onto your store using Hucksta and start selling! Get this all at