Drop Shipping in 2020

This year for drop shippers has been incredibly crazy, With Covid 19 impacting eCommerce businesses. Entrepreneurs where left wondering what the foreseeable future will look like. Here is what is is like to own a Drop Shipping business in 2020:

Aftermath Of Covid 19

As factories where following the policies of shutting down to protect workers from Covid this meant shipping implications. Leaving drop shippers products taking even longer then expected. This left entrepreneurs searching for products else where. Although China is getting back on their feet, this has encouraged sellers to have more contact and build better relationships with suppliers. A majority of the worlds population has been locked down, this left eCommerce businesses thriving. It was a perfect way for consumers to shop while sticking to their countries quarantine rules. This has impacted customers expectations more then ever. Many have found that customers have adapted to more sanitised way of living. Hygiene in business is the key! While providing products that are in demand. Be sure to do your product research or use Winning Products to make sure your product is in need.

Products In 2020

Drop shipping in 2020 requires much more product research, so lets look into the important algorithm of what has been doing best.


Winning product: Couples Cuddle Pillow

Winning niche: Couples


Winning product: Automatic Clamping Wireless Charger Mount

Winning niche: Electronics


Winning product: UV Sterilising Wand

Winning niche: Cleaning


Winning product: High Pressure Washer

Winning niche: Beauty


Winning product: Travel Makeup With LED Light Up Mirror

Winning niche: Beauty


Winning product: Transparent Pet Raincoat

Winning niche: Drinks


Winning product: Seal Pillow

Winning niche: Gadgets

Drop Shipping In 2020 From Sep-Dec

No one in January would expect any of these events to have happened this year! So what should we expect for the rest of 2020? This year has been proof that we should expect anything. We should continue to work in ethic of Covid 19, Prepare by having good communication with your suppliers. This way you can get updates on any changes they are making to production or shipping. Research more!!! Either use winning products that are proven to have amazing engagement or research your own products, to make sure you are delivering a wanted service. If Covid 19 doesn’t effect to eCommerce as much as in the last 8 months get ready for the next big events:

  • Halloween
  • Thanks giving
  • Black Friday/ Cyber Monday
  • Christmas/ Boxing Day

Be sure to research products that trend around these times of year, while campaigning around then! We recommend using Google Trends to do yearly product research.