Is your store struggling to overturn profit? Here are small and easy changes that will help you increase sales!

Add And Increase Reviews To Your Products

According to Econsultancy 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site which has user reviews. User reviews increase conversions, as it is physical evidence  your products and store are reliable. Don’t have reviews on your store? Use our tool ‘Download Reviews’ You can download any reviews from products that are sold on Ali Express, Amazon and Walmart!

Including Shipping Price In Overall Price

Struggling with abandoned carts? It’s proven that 28% of shopper abandon their carts if they are presented with unexpected shipping costs. A way to improve this is to add the shipping prices into the overall product price! This means you can offer ‘free shipping’.

Increase Offers And Coupon Codes

By sharing a coupon code or special offers to potential customers, you show that you are here to help your customer rather then making money. Cyber Monday rakes in tonnes of sales due to their special one day offers, why not do the same?

Keeping Existing Customers

70% of companies say it’s cheaper to retain a customer than acquire one! A way to retain a customer is to please them with their first order, so they come back for a second. A quick Tip is to update customers about their products and where it is in terms of shipment. 83% of customers in the US expect regular communication about their purchases.

Having Your Business On Facebook

85% of orders from social media come from Facebook! Not only is Facebook great for boosting your sales, it is also amazing for your customer service. Using Facebook as a communication channel, makes you become more easily accessible for your customers. They can come to your Facebook for enquiries and you will get an instant notification. Having perfect customer service makes your customer feel valued.

Giving your customer satisfaction is the best way to increase sales, always remember to see everything through their point of view. Read more about 6 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Drop Shipping Store here.