The biggest part of running a business is improving and evolving. Here are our top ” statistics to help you improve your business.

Customer Service Stats

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“When will my order arrive?” is the most frequently asked question in drop shipping because being clear on your delivery options and how long it will take is most important.

86% of buyers pay more for better customer service, as having up to scratch customer service is a must.

32% of consumers will pay more for a sustainable brand. Branding is the most important when you have a business, you can read our How To Branding here.

Social Media Stats

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130,000,000 Instagram users tap a shopping post every month. Do you have your products on Instagram as a shopping post?

61% buy from blog recommendations. Do you write blogs for your products?

85% of social media orders are through Facebook. Facebook is the perfect platform to do organic promotion.

62% of Instagram Users use the platform to find stuff they want to buy.

48% of Pinterest users top priority when using is to shop.

Business website Stats

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82% of shoppers would buy more to reach a minimum spending fee for “Free delivery” option.

28% will abandon their cart if they are presented with unexpected shipping costs. Combine the shipping prices with the product prices to offer your customers free shipping.

23% will abandon carts if they are required to create an account to purchase products. Checking out and buying should be a quick and easy products.

21% of customers will leave your store if it loads to slow. Be sure that your store doesn’t take to long to load.

36% of people discover new products on google. Is your SEO perfect? It’s been proven that 90% of Google pages get lost because they are not on the first page.

Use these stats to improve your business, remember you have to give value to receive value.