Drop shipping isn’t just adding products to a website, to be successful you have to cover every aspect. Here are some tips and things you can do to have a successful store: 



Having a niche is important to ensures your store has structure to what you sell. When choosing your niche it is important to know that the niche is wanted and not over saturated with other stores. Using google trends you can research what niche has been trending recently and when is best to sell.

Winning Products


Winning products are products proven to have outstanding engagement. They are put through a calculator formulated to work out their engagement score and converted into stars. They also come with 2x Facebook advert templates, pre-made video, tailored audience builder and Instagram influencers.



Hucksta is a google add on that simplifies the process of uploading products. You can upload any product, with price and description in a click of a button. Cutting time the average drop shipper spends uploading in half.

Successful Branding


Branding is important for potential customers to recognize your brand. The average person spends 3 seconds on a post when scrolling through their feeds, so it is important for them to recognize yours. You can brand yourself through the colors or the font you use. Disney have the most recognizable font, while 94% of the worlds population recognize coca-cola  red and white logo.

Successful Advertising

store  successful

Advertising can be done organically by building a following from posting on social media. You can also do paid promiting what is a walk in the park with our tools. Read more about advertising .