Influencers have been around since the beginning, however with social media on the rise in 2010 influencers became digitalized. Now used as a upcoming form of marketing due to its growth in popularity; here are the benefits of advertising with an Instagram influencer.

What Is An Instagram Influencer?

influencer definition

An influencer is someone who utilizes their platform to advertise. The Instagram users that follow will be interested in the niche the influencer is selling in, allowing them to advertise product to their following.

How Does It Work?

Beauty review

Influencers use their platform to influence their followers to buy products they recommend. Rather than selling, they build a following and earn their trust. They advertise by creating content around the product or service. Such as; How to, reviews, recommendations and more. For example a beauty guru would recommend to their followers a face cream or lipstick.

Successful Campaigns

In 2014 Kylie Jenner released a brand named Kylie Cosmetics that sold lipsticks and then ventured into more makeup variants. In 2021 the company is now worth $900 million. Kylie revealed that the only marketing she does is through social media. Whether sending her products to an influencer to review or uploading content herself, Kylie cosmetics is a great example of a successful business using social media.

Benefits of an Instagram Influencer


Improves brand awareness

The audience provided is usually between 10,000 – 1 million followers wide (depending on budget), allowing your brand to gain reach through the followers.

Instant Trust

The relationship between the influencer and the follower is majorly built on trust. While having to follow a guide of touch points to persuade a potential customer to trust and buy from your business, the trust already their saves a lot of time spent on advertising.

Time effective

The target audience is already prepared cutting prep time in half. All that is left to do is to create the content and arrange when it will go live.

Influencer Networking

If the campaign is successful, you can continue to do more with other, and if the relationship between you and the Instagramer you can arrange more collabs for the future.

Cost effective

Rather then paying for cost per click the payment is payed in one sum, depending on each service you choose to use. The influencers prices may vary due to their following size- engagement score and a range of different factors.

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