With Drop Shipping becoming a popular source of passive income, there are a lot of competitors! However you can differentiate yourself from other competitors by keeping your store up to date with new trending niches. Here are the top 5 niches of 2020.

1. Eco Friendly Products


2020 is the year where we take care of our planet! Eco friendly products are popular at the moment due to climate change. Biodegradable waste bags, tooth brushes, coffee cups + any Eco friendly versions of everyday products are what every consumer wants!

2. CBD / Marijuana Niches


The CBD niche is trending right now! Proven to have positive attributes to your health, customers are going crazy for the natural medicine! Beauty and self care products are currently the most popular products in the CBD market. It is a fairly recent niche, but a great one to break into. As long as you have done your research on where it is legal to sell and what channels and payment gateways allow cannabis sales.

3. Weight Loss Niches


Gym equipment is currently a big trend! Especially while gyms are closed, everyone is wanting to still exercise at home. Basic equipment is always a good niche to sell in. However tools like cellulite removers, are on the rise to peeking as they are a simple solution to many peoples problems!

4. Shape Wear


Once again, with shape wear being an easy to fix to many’s problems, and celebrities influencing the niche. Everyone is going crazy for the clothes that give you the perfect body in seconds! Popular shape wear at the moment are tummy control pants, these also retail at a high price meaning you can make $10 profit per pant sold!

5. Handmade & Minimalist jewellery


Minimalist Jewellery is the staple in everyone’s wardrobe as it is a delicate accessory that improves any outfit! The jewellery market is worth USD 278.5 billion, and eCommerce is responsible for a high percentage of that! Why not take a slice of that pie yourself? Popular products in this niche are necklaces with simple charms on it.

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