With there being 12-24 million eCommerce stores, how do your customers know that yours is the best choice? Here are our top tips and tools to make your store more reliable. 

Review Downloader

It is proven that 8 out of 10 millennial’s never buy anything without first reading a review, a study has found. So how do you overcome getting reviews on your products? If you have Products from AliExpress, Amazon or Walmart, you can import reviews of that product to yours using Download reviews.

Store Reviews

Getting reviews on your overall store can increase traffic coming to your store as your reviews should reflect good customer journey, shipping time and all the things potential customers want to know. You can achieve this by asking previous and customer customers to leave review. You can also offer a discount for every review.


81% of customers preferring PayPal for online transactions, as it is a quick and easy pay method and well recognised way to make bank transactions. Having PayPal as a pay option creates a sense of security for your customers as they know they are fully covered.

Site Speed

All the best platforms and stores load fast. 21% of customers will leave your store if it loads to slow. For a customer to want to buy from a store they must know that they are buying from the best. So having your store all updated and looking the best it can will attract more customers. You can check your store here.

Previous Customer Journey

Most importantly give every customer the best journey they can have. If a customer feels like they are or have been treated like royalty they will recommend you to people around them and leave reviews on your products. Organic promotion is the best way to show how reliable you are as a brand.

We hope this blog helps improve your store and brand. Having problems with branding your store? Use our top 4 branding tips here.