It is proven that getting new customers is 5x more expensive than retaining a customer. But how do you get a customer to come back for more?

Coupons And Sales

90% of consumers use coupons in some way. Coupons and sales are enticing to all consumers, so sending coupons and deals to your customers shows that your brand is here for their best interests and not just to make a profit. You can achieve this by getting them to sign up for coupons using their email. This way you can tailor an email directly to them, as well as them getting an instant notification.

Social Media

Offer a call to action button for your consumer to follow your social media. This is particularly important while we are in isolation, so you can still interact with you followers while staying safe. Consumers buy from humans not from corporations. You can use social media to add personality to your brand.


With the rules of customers buy from humans not corporations, you need to make sure you get to know your customer on a more personal level. This means you can tailor any type of communication with them. You can become less formal and add personality, when communicating. This will encourage brand loyalty.

Customer Service

According to Super Office 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. If a consumer has an issue with a order, remember the they are always right. Make sure every customer has a pleasant customer experience, that way they will trust you as a brand, and will come back fro more. Press here to read 6 Tips To Make Customers Love Your Brand.

Make sure to create the best customer experience they can’t get anywhere else, while fulfilling their shopping needs. Make sure to read more of our blogs here.