To have a successful store you need to brand yourself to differentiate you from competitors, but how? Easy! Follow these 4 simple but quality tricks on branding: 

1.Branding Colours 

Brand colors are an easy way for potential customers to recognize your store. In fact 94% of the worlds population recognizes Coca Cola’s brand colors! Make sure you color isn’t already used by a bigger brand, you want it to be your own distinctive color that grabs the eye while representing you.

2. Font Branding


With millions of fonts to choose from, it differentiates your brand from the rest. Disney have one of the most distinctive fonts of all! You can do this by searching for a font that looks great when bold, capitalized and usable for all content.

3. Branding Persona 

Branding persona

People buy from people, not from a corporation! But who is your brand? Having a persona adds a human like to touch that will encourage your customers to interact with you. You can do this by replying to all comments with either wittiness or motivation.

4. Social Media Theme Branding

social media branding

Users of social media send the average of 3 seconds on a post when scrolling through their feed, so having a theme isn’t just about being aesthetically pleasing, it makes your content stand out quickly in such a short time period. You can achieve this by sticking to a certain filter, design or camera angle. Learn more about 8 Companies Doing Social Media Right. By Marketing Land

Branding is a process of learning what works and what doesn’t, don’t panic if you don’t hit jackpot right away! Always be consistent and caring of your customer needs! Learn more about branding by using our Training Resources or read more of our Blog Posts.