There are always some niches that are more profitable.

People are searching for them and that makes these niches the golden geese of dropshipping.

Here are 6 of the top trending niches of 2019!



Tummy control pants, Sculpting Leg Shapers, Body Shaping Camisole, Seamless Arm Shaper ect.

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Travel Accessories

From Lunch boxes to portable door locks, travel accessories are one of the biggest trends of 2019.

This niche has so many possibilities and the data shows that people are buying.


Beauty Products

There are hundreds of products to choose from in this niche.

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Smart Watches

Smart watches are one of the biggest top trending niches of 2019!

Research makes it clear that the market of wearable sensors will grow at the compound annual growth rate of about 34,2% during 2017-2022, and the market volume will reach around $1,387.04 million by 2022.


Health Care

There are so many untapped products within this niche.

As you can see from this real time data there hasn’t been many sales but this could be an upcoming product that is worth testing out!


Skin Care

Face masks, serums, lotions etc.

According to Google Trends, there’s consistently high levels of interest for these products.