We’ve compiled a list of 5 trending products in 2019 to sell online at your ecommerce & dropshipping store.

Hobbies And Crafts

Every product category that is connected to a certain hobby is a great choice when you look for dropshipping niche ideas.

People are ready to invest in something that provides them with a wonderful pastime.

At the same time, they are commonly trying to make their hobbies a little less expensive.


Mobile Accessories

Phone cases, portable chargers, wireless charges etc…

As you can see from this real time sales data this particular product is on the rise.


Pet Products

With more and more people making pets part of their families, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the market for pet products is huge.

This niche has so many possibilities and the data shows that people are buying.



There are hundreds of products to choose from in this niche.

Using product spy you can not only see the products that are getting the most engagement but what is actually selling well!



Sleepwear is one of the biggest top trending products of 2019!

According to Google Trends, there’s consistently high levels of interest for sleepwear.