While using the basic Drop Shipping Module and the upcoming events you can make a snow balling profit while delivering value to consumers all around the world!





Halloween is currently only 7 weeks away, this event starts to spike at the end of August. $9 Billion was made in sales on Halloween in 2018. The past years Products:




product profit









Over the last 3 years inflatable costumes have become a huge craze! These novelty products can make up to $30 per sale in profit. So how do you start gaining sales? With 19 affordable Halloween influencers we recommend to start selling right away, as this gives time for advertisements.


Thanksgiving is about celebrating, giving and reflecting. So why not build a brand around gifts that people would love to give and receive. looking at Winning, Promising and trending products would benefit you and your store much more. $186.05 is spent on per person… so deliver a service that provides value world wide.

Black Friday

Black Friday

Black Friday Starts to get promoted in October usually after Halloween. $7.4 billion was made from Black Friday last year which was a record breaking amount! This event is based around bringing outstanding deals to your consumers. Although there isn’t a product for Black Friday you should bring out a coupon code. Using a Winning Product guarantees there is a market want for your product.

Cyber Monday

Just like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is also a discount event just 3 days later. Picking up around the same time it is heavily recommended to choose one out of the two. $9.2 billion was made last year which is $1.8 Billion more then Black Friday.

For both events the best plan to follow is:

  1. Find the perfect product
  2. Create a discount that still leaves profit
  3. Advertise organically and build brand around product
  4. Promote the product just before hand


From September on wards Christmas is a huge shopping magnet . In just the UK alone is planning to spend £26.9 billion on festive gifts this year. You can either take the gift route or have products based around Christmas.

Product Profit
product profit


We highly recommend using our Christmas Infleuncers there will be more added closer to the time. You can also use the time before hand to build an organic following!

We recommend putting your all into one occasion, this way you can campaign while building a following for more in depth tips on marketing your products read 6 Marketing Tips To Increase Sales.